A strong, passionate team with a customer-centric and community-based approach, offering affordable solar power appliances in Kenya.


Although Kenya has a large and thriving solar industry, there remain challenges to reaching the most remote customers. The industry in Nairobi is highly concentrated, but companies that are able to reach untapped…

London, 03 November 2020 — Today, Charm Impact, a peer-to-peer impact investment platform providing debt finance to early-stage clean energy entrepreneurs in developing economies, announced that it had successfully raised £273,520 in equity investment through crowdfunding site Crowdcube.

The crowdfunding campaign surpassed its initial goal by 273%. Charm will use…

The following is an extract from a recent interview that Beth, our wonderful co-founder, did with Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global.

An Interview With Vicky Colas

— -

As a part of our series about “Social Impact Investors”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bethany Larsen, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer…

As the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread across the African continent, we had to take action to protect our Charm. We knew that our two partner companies would struggle to repay and that their customers would be badly hit as lock downs prevented them from working or forced them to…

In August 2019, we launched our second project with Winock, who combine ethical finance, market insight and solar technology to deliver clean, affordable and reliable electricity to micro-businesses in Nigeria for productive use.

Winock is run by Sanmi Lajuwomi, a truly inspiring entrepreneur working to “spread happiness with light”.

The loan enabled Sanmi to expand his business by 12% and provide solar business systems to micro-business owners within markets in Abuja. This was a really exciting pilot project for us because it allowed us to test investment into ‘productive use applications’, or the use of solar products to power agricultural, commercial and industrial activities that generate income. Common micro-business applications in this project included solar power for sewing machines, barbers tools and refrigeration for convenience stalls selling drinks.

Charm Impact

Charm is on a mission to change the way we invest, crowdfunding loans for clean energy startups in developing markets working for a sustainable future

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